The Whole Story


Hey friends!!  My name is Lindsay Luttrell.  I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi (or “The Sip” as I sometimes call it).  I loved my childhood and I often look back and smile when I think about every person and situation that helped shape me as a person—you know who you are, you marvelous people! Quick shout-out to my parents, Mike and Christine, for putting up with me as a child and to my little sister, Luci, for being super weird with me. 

I attended The University of Mississippi a.k.a. Ole Miss—Hotty Toddy!!  I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration.  I cherish the time I spent at this magical university and I get to relive a little bit of it on Saturdays during college football season.   You guessed it, I am one of those Southern girls that LOVES college football.  No one has to search hard to find me on game day because my entire day is planned around when the Ole Miss game comes on.  I am front and center at my house (because I embarrass my husband when I watch in public) cheering hard for my Rebels.  I take it pretty seriously and I provide endless hours of entertainment. 

Even though there are so many wonderful people and places that will forever hold a special place in my heart in the great state of Mississippi, I had my sights set on the next phase of my life being in Nashville, Tennessee. So in 2008, I made the move!  I absolutely love this city and everything it has to offer.  I met the love of my life, Bobby, in 2010 and we married 6 years later.  Marrying him will forever be the best decision I have ever made.  We have that love that you read about in fairy tales (for reals) and with him in my corner, I know that anything and everything is possible.  

Let me tell you some of my favorite things.  Rosé.  Like ALL rosé. If it’s pink, I will drink.   I would drink it in a box, I would drink it with a fox.  I will drink it when it’s cold, I will drink it when I’m old.  You get the picture.  A good bourbon or whiskey.   I love to pour a glass, throw in an ice cube and enjoy.  I know what you’re thinking, “Does she like more things than alcohol?” The answer is yes.  I just wanted to show you that I know how to have a good time.  I love rose gold- it’s the color of my Aura.  Pizza…duh.  If you don’t like pizza, we need to have a serious talk.  Traveling!  Seeing as much of this beautiful world as possible!  My husband and I get away as much as we can.  Warm weather and sunshine.  It truly makes me SO happy (just ask Bobby).  Dogs.  Dogs.  Any and all dogs.  I feel an uncontrollable urge to pet one if it’s in my presence.  Quotes.  They can literally change my mood in an instant.  A really good one can make me get up and conquer shit.  Speaking of shit, I do drop a curse word from time to time, so you’ve been warned.  Plants.  I now have an obsession with having as many plants in and around my house as I can.  They can totally change any space and my house would be so empty without them. 

HONESTY.  It’s my jam.  I’m always honest, even if it’s hard to do so.  You can always expect that from me.  So, maybe the next should go without saying—keeping it real.  I live for keeping it real and people who keep it real.  They’re the best people to have in your corner.  Meditating.  I’m all about quieting all that negative chatter and keeping myself centered.  Did I mention Ole Miss Football?  I bleed red and blue.  Love.  May you be surrounded by it and give it out daily.  Yoga and Boxing.  That’s how I get my exercise on.  And last but most definitely not least, conversation.  Conversing with my husband, family, friends, and especially myself.  A good, deep, honest conversation…it just doesn’t get much better than that.


My Path to Coaching


As far back as I can remember, I have always had a passion for helping people.  When someone had a dilemma, I volunteered to become a listening ear.  Over time, I became the go-to listening ear for many friends.  I was their mini cheerleader and it would become my mission to motivate them to find a solution.  Each time a solution was discovered and that friend would make it through to the other side, I would become so overjoyed.  This joy didn’t come from the fact that I assisted, it came from seeing an optimistic smile or hearing a voice of relief, happiness, or hope.  I get so excited for people when they flourish and triumph.  I WANT to see people succeed and live their best life.  Little did I know that all of this would come full circle for me.  

One morning, I woke up with an empty feeling inside. It had been raining for several days in a row, which usually gives me the sads anyway (can’t it just rain while we are sleeping so we can have bright, beautiful skies during the day?).  But this feeling was different.  Months before this feeling crept in, I made a New Year’s resolution to discover how to live MY best life by committing to my self-discovery.  I started to meditate, write down what I was grateful for regularly, and read empowering self help books.  Cliche, I know, but stick with me. 

I was putting in all of this work, asking the Universe to help guide me, and trying to stay open so I could hear when the Universe answered.  And here I was, faced with the task of figuring out what was causing this emptiness.  Some deep conversation and contemplation reminded me that helping and motivating people is something that makes me happy and nourishes my soul.  And my soul was begging to be nourished, dammit!  I had to give my soul what it was begging for!  When I stumbled across Life Coaching, I said, “Okay Universe, I hear you.  Let’s do this shit.”

Over the next year and a half, I dug deep.  I was essentially working two jobs.  I took a course with Marianna Lead’s Goal Imagery Institute, studied my face off, listened to hours of coaching calls from the best of the best, gained all 100 hours of coaching practice, mentored with Marianna, studied my face off some more for my exam, passed my final exam, and executed everything I needed to get my business off the ground.  And here I am: an A.C.C certified Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation.  And I am ready to serve you.  I am here to help you live YOUR best life.  So come on this journey with me.  Let’s do this together.  I want to help you discover your unique path—the one you may or may not know you're searching for.