What to Expect

Coaching isn’t therapy, counseling, mentoring, or consulting.  We will focus on the future rather than the past.  The goal will be to get you from point A to point B; where you are to where you want to go.  Consider how powerful a change in perspective can be.  We want to turn your problems into obstacles.  A problem is regarded as unwelcome; something to be dealt with.  It’s often viewed as negative.  An obstacle impedes progress or achievement; it’s something we want to overcome!  It can be viewed as positive. 

Most people think they are going to sit down with a Coach and be given all the answers.  Boom!  All problems are solved!  But it’s quite the opposite.  You might pay an expert to tell you what to do in health, fitness, finance, etc., but who is the expert in your life?  I’ll give you one guess . . . YOU ARE!  So, why would I (the non-expert) tell you what to do in your unique life?  The answer is that I am not going to.  I am not the expert, but dammit, I am curious!  So, instead of me telling you what to do, I’ll be asking you questions.  Questions that will make you think.  Questions that will challenge you.  Questions that will help you gain clarity.   Questions that will hopefully lead you to the answers you are looking for.  And believe it or not, deep down inside you already know the answers.  I’m just here to ask you those powerful questions that will make you more self-aware so we can shine the light on those answers.  We'll then work together to incorporate them into a kickass action plan that fits you and your life.  

*****Always remember that you are one of a kind.  There is no one else like you nor will there ever be any one else like you in the course of history.  And if that is true—which it is—then how could there possibly be a path to your unique dream of a meaningful life that is already prescribed for you.  There is no path where you are going because you haven’t discovered it yet.  You’re only in the process on your journey.  You’re here to connect your own dots—to have your own aha moment.  I’m here for support and guidance.  The biggest win would be for you to have your own moments of insight, and then apply them to make positive changes in your life.