5 Tips For Achieving Your Biggest Goals


I think we can all agree that goals are important.  They give you purpose, motivation, and incentive.  But they can also make you frustrated, disappointed, and ready to quit.  Anything that causes such a range of considerable emotions deserves some of your attention.  Even if you have a love/hate relationship with your goals, it’s not too late to shift it to a love/love or even a love/like relationship.  With some belief in yourself (and your awesome ass abilities) combined with a blueprint, this could be your new reality.  

People attach a unique motivation to each one of their goals—also known as their “why”.  One person might want to lose weight to fit into their high school jeans while another wants to prevent a heart attack.  There are people that want a new job to make more money and others who desire to do something they love.  Ultimately, this unique motivation is the special sauce that keeps you going.  Keep it real close because you will need it.  When times get tough and you don’t think you can continue, remind yourself why you’re doing it.  Now let’s talk about this blueprint.   It consists of 5 things that has provided me faithful support while attacking my goals.   


1. Make your goals attainable.

Before you set your goal, spend some time thinking about it.  Is it realistic?  In other words, is it something you can reasonably accomplish in the given time frame?  If you set the bar too high, there is a larger chance that you will get frustrated and quit.  Take that large goal and split it up into smaller ones.  Allow more time to reach each of them.  Only you know what’s feasible for you, your personality, and your schedule.  Honor that and set yourself up for success. 


2. Have A Plan.

A plan will keep you on track.  It will also be your map.  Take the time to put it together.  This is something a Life Coach can help you do (shameless plug).  Figure out your why—the reason you are doing it—and jot it at the top of your plan to keep you motivated.  Be very specific about what you want and how you are going to get it.  Lastly, don’t forget to plan for how you will overcome obstacles. They will inevitably come . . . but this time you will be ready for them.  


3. Stay Consistent.

Don’t stop.  Keep moving forward.  Make it a priority to do something for your goal every day—even if it’s small.  It will put you that much closer.  If you do nothing for 3 weeks, it will put you that much farther behind. How much sooner would you have achieved your goal if you had not taken a break? And how much harder will it be to get back on track after said break? Most importantly, new habits begin to form as you regularly grind. These new, good habits could possibly replace old, bad ones. And you know as well as I do that habits don’t require a lot of effort. They could do wonders for your current and future goals.

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4. Hold Yourself Accountable.

It’s easy to convince yourself in the beginning that you will follow through with everything.  You’re excited, fresh faced, and yelling, “Bring It On!”  But let’s be real . . . life happens.  Temptations will be around every corner, so it’s your responsibility to keep yourself in check.  This is YOUR goal.  Prove to yourself how badly you want it.  If you slip, how will you make it up to yourself?  If you hit a milestone, how will you reward yourself?  Be your own best friend and make sure you’re following through with the promises you made to yourself.  You deserve it. 


5. Be Easy On Yourself When You Stumble.

Achieving your goals is hard, y’all.  But it’s also so rewarding!  Real Talk.  You can do so much more than you give yourself credit for, but you have to remember that It’s never going to be perfect.  Like ever.  You are going to have bad moments . . . and that’s okay!  How else will you learn and grow?  When these bad moments happen, be easy on yourself.  Tell that voice that makes you feel bad for messing up to shut it.  Listen to the voice that is still cheering you on.  Tell yourself, “Hey! You’re awesome.  You’re entitled to stumble.  You’ll bounce back tomorrow!”  Recognize that you stumbled.  Figure out why it happened.  Take note and learn from it.  Then resume to kicking ass.  Don’t let that bad day turn into a bad week or month because you feel sorry for yourself.  You don’t have time to sulk about it.  Remind yourself why you are doing it.  That super special “why” is far more important to focus on than an unavoidable mistake.  Cut yourself some slack and pat yourself on the back for making the choice to better yourself.  

In the words of Vince Vaughn, “Rule number 76.  No excuses.  Play like a champion.”  Do you want it?  Then go get it.  No excuses.  Don’t allow anything to stand in your way—and that includes yourself.  Let’s be real, it’s never outside noise that stops us from reaching our goals . . . it’s the internal chatter.  Silence it and believe you can do it.  Because I promise that you can.