Choices: How They Relate to Your Goals

Choice is one of my favorite words!  When making a choice, you have the right, power, or opportunity to choose.  Did you hear that?  YOU have the POWER.  You are in control when you are making a choice.  If you stop and think about it, we make so many choices every day.  Some of them are easy while others are more difficult.  We choose what time we wake up, what we wear, what we eat, what route we take to work, how we spend our time, who we spend our time with, what we say to others, and how we respond to certain situations.  Each and every one of these choices carries you forward in your life.  

Have you ever thought about how different your day would have been if some of those choices were made differently?  You could have had an entirely different day.  I think we have all been there (I know I have!).  I’m not saying this so you start thinking about all the wrong choices you have ever made.  Hell no.  Leave all that shit where it belongs—in the past.  Instead, think about how differently tomorrow could go if you were more aware of each choice as you are making it.  

There are a lot of directions I could go with this, but I choose (see what I did there?) to keep this future oriented.  Let’s talk about choice as it relates to a goal.  With each choice you make, you are either moving closer to or farther away from you goals.  For example, let’s take healthier eating (totally random but it seems to be a relatable goal for most people).  All day, you will have to make choices when it comes to what you are going to eat.  You make the healthier choice and you are one step closer to your goal.  But if you make the less healthy choice, you are one step farther from your goal.  Now count those steps up.  Depending on how many times you ate that day, that is how close or far away you are from reaching your goal. 

Let’s say you make the choice to cheat on one of those meals and take that step back.  No problem!  By all means, enjoy that delicious ass pizza.  But what will you choose to do next?  Will you choose to go to the gym or walk the extra mile that day to make up the calories?  Will you choose to take that step backwards for the day and then make perfect choices the following day?  Or maybe you make a choice that’s different than both of these and better suited for your life.  Whatever you choose to do is up to you.  That is the beauty of choices.  They are YOURS to make.  But let’s not forget to hold ourselves accountable for them.

Now let’s chat about excuses.  Let’s be real, we all have them. They make us feel better about the choices we make.  Let’s say you ate the doughnut instead of a healthy breakfast and your excuse is that you didn’t have time to cook breakfast.  Not so fast!  You could have made the choice to get up earlier.  Or you could have chosen to meal prep on Sunday afternoon.  Excuses are easy.  Making the right choice is sometimes hard.  And if you are working towards a goal, that is going to be hard as well.  But let me remind you that hard is GOOD.  Hard is challenging.  How boring would this life be if we weren’t challenging ourselves?  I hope I am painting the picture that no matter what, YOU have control over every single choice you make.  

Life is a collection of choices, friend.  Your beautiful and unique life is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.  It got to be that way because of all the choices you have made along the way.  Your future is going to be just as beautiful and unique.  And you guessed it—it’s layout will depend on every single choice you make to get there.  What do you want your future to look like?  Do you still have some dreams you want to make happen or some goals you want to accomplish?   You CAN make them happen.  I believe in you.  Believe in yourself.  Stop and think about every choice that’s possible for you and make the right ones for YOUR dreams and goals.  I hope every choice you make from here on out leaves you one step closer to whatever it is you want.

Thank you for CHOOSING to read this blog.


Is there something you want to start choosing to do differently?  If so, share below.