The Real Reasons I Share My Travels On Social Media


Who gets annoyed with an over sharer on social media?  (Raises hand) I do!  I do!  So much so that I am very strategic about my posts because I don’t want to be that annoying person. I try to post a good variety of stuff so it’s not the same shit over and over.  I’m careful about the photos I choose—cleaned up, no duplicates, and don’t look like a toddler took them.  And I usually only post about 3 times a week.  I don’t post more than that on most weeks . . . UNLESS I’m on vacation.  While traveling, I post once a day—usually at the end. So you see, everything I do on social media has a rhyme and reason to it. Just like most things in my life, I love to plan and things through.


Bobby and I travel a lot.  It’s just been our thing for many years now.  We do it as much as we can because we know if we are blessed to have a child one day, we won’t get to travel as much in the beginning. So we’re taking full advantage while we can.  There are people that like to follow my travels and I enjoy hearing their feedback. I often get asked in conversations why I share my travels in such depth. It is such a great question that I thought others might be wondering the same thing. So here goes!

  1. To inspire others to travel

Y’all . . . the world is a vast and beautiful place.  There is so much to be seen and experienced!  I didn’t grow up in a family of travelers so it wasn’t my normal.  I remember seeing incredible places on TV that made my eyes sparkle.  I’d tell myself that I would find a way to go there one day.  When I first got the chance to start venturing outside of Mississippi, I jumped on it.  I started small and mostly traveled by car.  But after I told Bobby that all I wanted to do was see the world, he immediately made it his personal mission. Then it was ON!

To step out of your comfort zone, witness fresh geography, open your mind and heart, and experience different cultures is truly incredible. It’s hard to put into words the joy it brings me. Traveling provides memories that I’ll have forever (or at least as long as my memory is working).  There are foods, words, sounds, and smells that can take me back to a moment in time in an instant.  It has expanded my mind and changed me for the better.  I want other people to get the itch to travel!  I hope that I can be the reason for someone gaining lasting travel memories.  


2. To share with my loved ones (and others) that don’t get to travel

Like I said earlier, my family members aren’t big travelers. I also have friends that don’t get to travel often so they love seeing my posts! They get to see the places I’m visiting up close and personal. They’re sharing the adventure with me from the comfort of their own phone. They get to look at my photos, watch my videos, and read the details of my day to see what that part of the world is like! It’s much more personal to hear it from the words of someone you know than a stranger on television. They may not ever get to see the same sights I’ve seen in person, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the opportunity to still enjoy all of the beauty!

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3. To share my perspective

Traveling is alllll about perspective. By sharing my perspective—how I see the world once I venture out into it—I’m showing it to you from my eyes. The pictures I take are how I see it. The things I decide to do when I get there are all by choice. I spend a lot of time researching each destination and we choose what we do each day according to our mood. What if you aren’t a good planner? Well, you can see what we did and if you want to do it too, you can! You might see a very unappealing trip to Italy from one person on social media and decide you never want to go there. Then two months later, another person shares the same location in Italy and you’re like, “Hold up! That place looks awesome.” What if it’s my perspective of a place that makes you want to visit?


4. Lead by example

This is a big one. As a Life Coach, I’m always motivating people to get out there and live their life to the fullest. To work hard and achieve the things they desire. To stop letting fear rule them. To always be themselves. This is how I’m trying to live my life. Who in the hell am I to tell you to do something that I’m unwilling to do?? You would look at me like I had 3 heads. One of my dreams was to get out and see as many places in the world as possible. Well it took some hard work, planning, hoping, and saving . . . but I’m doing it. I’m just a girl from South Jackson, Mississippi. I didn’t come from a rich, fancy family—who are awesome as shit and I wouldn’t trade for anything. My husband and I had to work hard to make it happen. But we wanted it bad enough so that’s what we did.


For those of you that enjoy my travel posts, maybe you fall into one of the categories above.  And if so, hell yeah!  You’re the reason I share.  Thank you for tagging along with us. I hope everyone finds some time to go somewhere and make some memories. I wish all of you safe and happy travels. I can’t wait to see where you decide to go!